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Cane sugar Królewski a'1kg bagID45000608
960 kg / Pallet
An unrefined cane sugar with a brown colour and a delicate caramel flavour and aroma. 1kg paper bag.

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An unrefined cane sugar with a brown colour and a delicate caramel flavour and aroma. 1kg paper bag.

Nutrition Facts
Calorific Value 1683 (396) kJ (kcal)
Fat 0 g
Fatty Acids 0 g
Carbs 99 g
Sugar 99 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0 g
Ingredients Sugar
Consistency Solid
Grain Size Medium
Polarization min. 98,5
Storage Conditions In clean, dry and heated (or fitted with dehumidification installations) warehouses, stored on dry wooden or plastic pallets; temperature not lower than 10 °C; relative air humidity should not exceed 65%; warehouses should be protected from rodents, birds and other pests
Durability Not required
Originating Country EU (or out of EU)
Product Quality EU2
EAN Pallet 5902136801481
EAN Trading Unit 5902136801474
Package Unit 10 kg
Packaging Weight 10,56 kg
Package Unit Size (LxWxH) 14,5 x 19 x 38,5 cm
Palletising (Layers x Package Unit/Lay) 8 x 12
Paletts Height in cm 131cm
Pallets Type Wooden - EURO - 1200 * 800
Product Packaging Retail bag
Transport Group palletized
Net Weight 960 kg
Gross Weight 996 kg

Specification ENG


Specification PL



Please note that deliveries are carried out between 7:00 and 14:00 o'clock with a truck with semi-trailer weighing up to 40 tons. It is necessary to have a ramp that allows unloading. Any additional information on the delivery should be placed in the remark field during the checkout process for placing an order.
Logistics Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 pallet
Maximum Order Quantity 33 pallets or 24.2 metric tons
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