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  • Cane cubes Królewski 250g
    Article Number: 41437421
    420 kg / Pallet
    Cane Cubes Brown are made of Demerara cane sugar.

    Low Stock

  • White cubes Królewski 1kg
    Article Number: 42100801
    630 kg / Pallet
    Sugar cubes made of extra white sugar.

    Low Stock

  • Cane sugar Królewski 400g
    Article Number: 45000576
    538 kg / Pallet
    An unrefined cane sugar with a brown colour and a delicate caramel flavour and aroma. Packed in handy re-sealable plastic bags with label.

    Low Stock

  • White Sugar Królewski 1kg EU2
    Article Number: 45000586
    960 kg / Pallet
    White Sugar Unsorted Cat.2 in 1kg paper bag.

    Out of Stock